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Tanning - Sienna X

We offer the No.1 tanning choice, Sienna Sienna XX spray tan.

Our full body tan is only £20.00

Here are some of the reasons why a sunless tan trumps a natural tan every time:

No harmful effects - Whilst the sun's UVA and UVB rays are damaging to the skin and cause premature aging, a Sienna X tan will help to keep skin healthy and youthful thanks to luxurious anti-ageing, natural ingredients.

Perfect for all skin types - Sienna X offers a prescriptive tanning range which provides everyone, regardless of skin type or tone, the opportunity for a truly bespoke and natural looking tan.

SiennaFull, even coverage - Tanning in the sun can result in patchy, red skin and harsh tan lines. A sunless tan will ensure you are evenly bronzed from head to toe.

Long lasting & fades evenly - A faux glow can last as long, if not longer than a natural tan if maintained well and topped up regularly with Gradual Glowing Self Tan or Express Tanning Mist. With the right techniques your sunless tan will fade evenly without the peeling or dryness associated with sun tanning.


5 top tips for staying safe in the sun

1. Always use SPF30 or higher and look for a 5 Star UVA rating. Choose a non-oil based formula to keep your spray tan looking gorgeous while staying protected.

2. Keep your wardrobe stocked with stylish kaftans and kimonos.

3. Try to stay in the shade between 12pm and 2pm when the sun is at its strongest

4. A good pair of sunglasses will help prevent damage to your eyes (and development of crows feet)!

5. A sun-hat will provide shade for your face as well as protecting your hair and scalp from getting sun scorched.