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Hair studio in Mold

Meet the team

Tracey Jarrett: Artistic director & nail technician

Tracy JarrettWith over 25 years experience under her belt and countless awards won Tracey strives to make your hair the best it can be.

Years of experience sometimes is critical, having the knowledge to correct a haircut that's just not quite right, to tweak a colour that's not quite right or create a complete change! The client needs their stylist to be able to advise correctly on style and colour and have absolute faith and trust between them.

We feel we have every aspect of this just right and of course a laugh and a joke and good conversation is just as important - this comes in droves within the salon.

The health and condition of your hair is also very important to us and is highly maintained at all times.

Tracey is also a highly qualified nail technician so you will often stay with her through the whole of your hair and nail service which is sometimes nicer than going from one technician to another.

LyndseyLyndsey Vaughan-Jones: Beauty therapist

I qualified as a beauty therapist 20 years ago. I trained at Deeside college and gained qualifications in all aspects of beauty therapy. Having always been drawn to massage I decided to train for a further year and specialise.

My studies have continued throughout my career as the industry is constantly changing. Seven years ago I decided to become a Dermalogica skin specialist and haven't looked back. It's very satisfying to help a client gain confidence in their skin and their appearance.

I am lucky enough to consider many of my clients as friends and find it rewarding to help them achieve their goals. I have always been passionate about my chosen career and it excites me the way the industry is progressing.


Laura JohnsonLaura Johnson: Master stylist & hair extension expert

I have worked at Christopher Barrie from the day the salon opened. We have a great team here at Christopher Barrie, we all get on very well and work well together. I have been hairdressing since I left school (12 years ago) and I couldn't imagine myself doing any other job. I believe that Christopher Barrie and the staff aspire to the ideals I want to achieve.

The training I received allowed me to learn lots of different techniques and I am still refining and adapting those twelve years later. I am qualified to Level Three hairdressing and a trained Balmain hair extension expert. The social side of my job is great and many of my clients are considered friends and some of which I used as models in my early career.



Freya Olivia JohnsonFreya Olivia Johnson - Salon Junior

I have worked here at Christopher Barrie for a year now and I have really enjoyed every day working in such a friendly and fun environment.

I feel working here has given me grounding for the future as dealing with money and computer skills has enabled me to gain lots of helpful experience and skills. I love being a part of helping to create high standard styling, and meeting clients from all different professions.

As the salon is very large I get to experience different tasks daily, and enjoy having such a varied day with beauty and hair.